Westmere-EP & X58 Overclock Info


  Let me start by saying thanks for reading this article. You can sign up and discuss this article on the forum or below in the comment section [last page]. I’ve decided to write this information regarding the X58 chipset and Gulftown\Westmere-EP. There is a lot of information about the X58 spreading around the net due to the recent “revival” of the platform. Long story short there are a ton of Xeons flooding the market. These Xeons are being replaced by newer Xeons based on later architecture.

  More than a likely a lot of server leases are up or companies have decided to upgrade and get rid of the legacy tech. So now you can get a 6core\12 logical core on the X58 platform for as low as $60-$80. Not only that, but these Xeons are beasts! The Xeons contain 12MB L3 cache and they fall on Intels “tick” process techology model meaning that Intel shrunk the die to 32nm from the previous “tock” 45nm (Tick-Tock). Most X58 upgraded to Sandy\Ivy Bridge. Some X58 users didn’t feel the need to upgrade since the performance gains and overclocking potential wasn’t much greater than Bloomfield-X58. The price didn’t seem worth it. Later the X79 released, supporting both Sandy Bridge and Ivy-Bridge “E” CPUs. X79 replaced X58, but this felt more like a side grade to many X58 users. You cannot overclock Xeons on the X79 platform due to the restrictive BCLK. You can overclock Xeons in the X58 since there is nothing restricting you from doing so.

So now X58 has been revived and more users are realizing that their nearly 7 year old platform will last more years. Here are some stats for my X5660:

  • Westmere-EP 
  • 32nm
  • Socket: LGA1366-Socket B
  • QPI Link: 2
  • OPI Transfer Rate: 6,400 MT/s
  • Bus Data Rate: 51,200 MB/s 
  • Hexa-Core + HT @ 3.2Ghz
  • x24 CPU Ratio\Multiplier 
  • L3 Cache: 12MB
  • IMC: DDR3-800\1066\1333 Triple Channel 
  • TDP: 95watts
  • VID Max Voltage: 1.350v

I completely love this CPU and the X56xx in general. Westmere's are very power efficient. I will be updating this article well into 2015 so check back regularly for updates. I'll try to add pictures and things of that nature as well. So I will start with the first misconception, the recommended VID. I will continue this on the next page.