The Evil Within DLC Coming Early Next Year


  Over on the Bethesda Blog the game director, John Johanas, spoke about the TEW DLC. John Johanas will be directing 2 out of the 3 DLC which is also part of a Season Pass. It looks like Bethesda will be releasing DLC throughout 2015. Part I will be "The Assignment", Part II is "The Consequence" and Part III will more than likely be named "The Keeper".. In the "The Keeper" DLC you'll play as one of the most creepiest enemies in the game through mission based DLC "The Assignment" will be the first DLC to released and I'm sure many fans will be happy about that. The Assignment will follow Juli Kidman who was with Sebastian Castellanos and Joseph Oda. In the game this was her first assignment and she is a rookie cop.

  Anyone who played TEW knows that she reacts quickly and is clearly on a mission. I won't spoil the game because I'm sure there are some people who will want to know her story. John Johanas did go on to explain more about the DLC during the interview

Are there any specific areas of the main game that served as inspiration for the DLC content?


John Johanas"
"Probably two of the biggest inspirations were Chapter 5 and 9. Chapter 9 had you uncover past stories by solving puzzles and exploring and there is a lot of that in the DLC. Overall, Juli’s adventure is rather story driven — Juli tends to “discover” these things by her actions and by solving puzzles. But at the same time, the atmosphere and progression is similar to Chapter 5, where you were trapped in a very oppressive area and the “horror” element was at its strongest.

However, I would say there’s quite a bit of variation in her encounters so I wouldn’t want anyone to think “Oh, it’s just another Chapter XX.” Even the “horror” element has a different feel! Juli’s experiences are much more dark, lonely, and claustrophobic."


  This is great news since the game really picks up around the 5th Chapter. You can read my review on The Evil Within here.


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