Devil May Cry [DmC]: Definitive Edition and Devil May Cry 4 is being re-released

  Capcom has revealed their plans to release DmC again with a new title, "Definitive Edition". The re-releasing of last gen games has become normal for big companies. The new DmC will have several additions not found in the initial 2013 release. Capcom also released trailer for the re-released that is shown below. First I'll post the enhancements Capcom will include with the Definitive Edition:

-60fps framerate, 1080p resolution on both SKUs.
-Rebalanced, repolished gameplay - Ninja Theory has thoroughly examined the entire game and nearly two years of user feedback, and has made it tighter than ever. This includes bug fixes, rebalanced combat elements, enemy behavior, the Style system, and even new settings like an optional manual lock-on.
-All DLC from the last-gen version of DmC, including costumes, weapon skins, the pre-order bonus items (Item Finder, Orb Harvester), and of course, the “Vergil’s Downfall” campaign—hours of new gameplay starring Dante’s badass brother, Vergil.
-New “Bloody Palace” mode for Vergil - By popular demand, Vergil will now have his own Bloody Palace mode, featuring sixty waves of stylish madness. As an added bonus, the timer in Bloody Palace mode (for both characters) is now a toggle-able setting.
-Turbo Mode - A perennial favorite of the Devil May Cry franchise, this mode gives a 20% speed boost to all gameplay, upgrading the game’s tempo from Adagio to—wait for it—Andante. Pretty proud of that one.
-Hardcore Mode - Designed for those looking for a classic, hardcore challenge, this setting can be toggled on and off between stages, and will affect various aspects of the game, such as Devil Trigger, AI, and the Style system.
-Gods Must Die difficulty level - Unlocked after beating Dante Must Die, this mode is insanely hard, with all enemies spawning in Devil Trigger and dealing 2.5x the normal damage. Plus: no items allowed!
-Must Style mode - For the masochistic, this mode requires that players achieve an S style rank or higher in order to deal damage to enemies. 
-New costumes for Dante and Vergil celebrating the Devil May Cry legacy.
-Updated trophies/achievements to account for the new modes.
-New leaderboards for Hardcore Mode and Vergil’s Bloody Palace.
-Next-gen standard sharing functionality
- This may be a given, but consider the potential! Every single person who owns the game and has an internet connection will be able to upload combo videos or stream the game live.

  That's a lot right? Well if you are a PC gamer then the 60fps means nothing since the cheapest graphics cards at the time of release could get well over 100fps. A game of this nature should be 60fpsno matter what.The game will release for $40. If you missed out on this title last time then you'll have a chance to enjoy this game. I've played and beaten this game. Overall the combat and gameplay was solid, but the story was a bit over the top and lacking substance. For $40 with bonuses and all content, I'm sure it'll be hard for some gamers not to pick this title up for their console of choice


  Devil May Cry 4 is also getting a re-released. The original release was in 2008. There were a ton of huge games releasing in 2008 so the game wasn't "the" most talked about title at the time. This is what Capcom has to say about DMC 4:

"As alluded in the trailer", we are indeed also confirming the existence of Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, which is apparently coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next summer (2015) and has something to do with that blue guy. Not sure what, exactly. Guess you’ll all just have to start guessing. ;D

  There you have it. Another re-release from Capcom. DMC4 has been confirmed, but at least it's getting a Special Edition. Let us know what you think below.



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