Inspector Gadget is Back again! Go Go Gadget Funko Pops!


The iconic 1983 cartoon Inspector Gadget is back as Funko announces a manufacturer new wave of Pop Vinyls. The easy-witted inspector is back with his niece Penny with a wave of 3 Pop collectibles that are all prepared for motion. Unfortunately some of the other iconic characters exterior of Penny are not in this wave with nonetheless a single of these figures does have a chase variant! Inspector Gadget is up 1st with a magnifying glass in hand and putting on his common carton styled outfit. The chase is practically the identical but displays off some Go Go Gadget motion with an prolonged hand demonstrating his law enforcement badge. I can imagine that this will be the common 1/6 ratio like most Funko Pop chases. We are then acquiring one more Inspector Gadget who is shown movement with one particular of his helicopter hat engaged. This design and style is really enjoyable and it quickly displays off the new tech that Funko is bringing to their Pop with these dynamic layouts. Last but not the very least, Penny is here and wearing her outfit from the clearly show. Each of these Funko Pops is really very well carried out and provides the animated carton again from the 80s.

I am very amazed that we are having Penny in this wave and not Brain. I would not be astonished if he showed up later on on as a convention exceptional as he is a significant portion of the exhibit. Even Dr. Claw did not make an look so it’s possible we will see a next wave of this series afterwards on. Every single of these Inspector Gadget Pops is previously up for preorder and can be found here. They are expected to launch in January 2021 and excellent luck likely for that Scenario variant! Go Go Gadget Copter!

Inspector Gadget is Back! Go Go Gadget Funko Pops!
Credit score: Funko

“Wowsers! Coming quickly: Pop! Animation: Inspector Gadget. Go pre-order yours now”

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