Sight And Sound Combine In This Engaging Synthesizer Sculpture

Sight And Sound Combine In This Engaging Synthesizer Sculpture

We’ll constantly have a tender location for circuit sculpture projects something with elements supported on wonderful tidy rows of brass wires always captures our creativity. But incorporate to that a tiny bit of light-weight and a large amount of sound, and you get something like this hybrid synthesizer sculpture that truly commands attention.

[Eirik Brandal] calls his generation “corwin position,” and describes it as “a generative dual voice analog synthesizer.” It’s crafted with a broad-open architecture that invites exploration and serves to pull the eyes — and ears — into the piece. The lowest amount of the sculpture has all the “boring” electronic stuff — an ESP32, the LED motorists, and the digital-to-analog converters. The next level up has the much more visually interesting analog circuits, crafted primarily “dead-bug” model on a framework of brass wires. The consumer interface, generally a collection of pots and switches, life on this stage, as does a SeeedStudio WIO terminal, which is applied to display a spectrum analyzer of the seems created.

Going up a bit, there is a seemingly incongruous vacuum tube overdrive alongside with a energy amp and speaker in an acrylic enclosure. A vertical aspect of thick acrylic towers above all and properties the synth’s hold off line, and the gentle pipes that snake by way of the sculpture pulse in time with sequencer occasions. The movie down below exhibits the synth in action — the new music that it generates by no means genuinely seems the very same two times, and seems like nothing at all we have heard prior to, other than most likely briefly when we listened to some thing like the track record songs from Logan’s Run.

Hats off to [Eirik] for another great-wanting and good-sounding build you could don’t forget that his “cwymriad” caught our notice earlier this yr.

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