What is an Eyelash Conditioner & How to Choose the Right One?

There is no doubt that you wouldn’t think twice about keeping your hair in good condition, so why not treat your eyelashes as well? Using the conditioner helps prevent breakage, smooth hair, and make it healthy. 

But what is an eyelash conditioner, and what can it do for the eyes? This article will cover all of these aspects and what to look for while buying an eyelash conditioner. 

Let’s move on.

What is Eyelash Conditioner?

An eyelash conditioner uses nutritious substances to strengthen and rehydrate the lashes. It is crucial to safeguard eyelashes since they serve as a barrier between the eye and outside things.

A high-quality conditioner that contains nourishing nutrients like diamond dust and biotin can help darken light-colored lashes or make short, and sparse lashes appear longer. It’s interesting to note that a decent eyelash conditioner also includes several carefully chosen components that shield lashes from breaking and encourage healthy growth by making the eyes appear more beautiful.

Why Use a Conditioner for Lashes?

Mascara, cosmetics, and makeup removers can harm and dry out your lashes in the same way that heat tools and hair dye can harm your head’s hair.

In the same way, conditioners benefit the hair on our heads, they also benefit our lashes. Our lashes can be shielded from daily harm by softening the hair and smoothing the hair shaft. Nowadays, practically everyone wears mascara, and even more severe procedures like falsies and eyelash extensions are becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, all of our lashes might undoubtedly benefit from a little extra assistance.

Here’s How to Apply Eyelash Extension Conditioner Effectively 

Usually, one should wash their face and then apply eyelash extension conditioner before bed. The use of a mild cleanser or an oil cleanser is typically indicated. You can unintentionally dry out your lashes if your makeup cleanser/remover is too harsh.

You must ensure that all of your eyelashes are clean. Use an oil-based serum that contains castor oil, vitamin E, or coconut oil. These oils will soften your lashes while dissolving any makeup on your face. Think of it as a win-win circumstance.

Your eyes are pretty delicate. Always check the ingredients list before using anything near your eyes. To ensure that you are not applying dangerous chemicals to your skin, it is always advisable to check the labels of your cosmetic products to ensure they are paraben-free.

Also, always spot-test anything you use on or near your eyes, and stop using it immediately if you see any redness, burning, stinging, or other reactions. If you see any of these symptoms, remove the product or oil from your skin right once. Guard those gorgeous eyes of yours!

How to Pick the Right Eyelash Conditioner

You should look out for a few things when searching for the ideal eyelash conditioner, including oils and substances. Here are the standards you should look for whether you make one yourself or buy one from a store.


It’s crucial to pay attention to the oils that are being applied. Coconut oil and vitamin E are both suitable bases for oils. These oils can create your lash conditioner, which you can apply with a simple swipe before bed.

While all these oils are excellent, castor oil is the clear winner for eyelash conditioners. This oil not only conditions and moisturizes the lash but has also been proven to hasten lash growth.

Eyelash extension conditioner and eyelash growth serum usually are two different products, as we said above. Both an eyelash conditioner and an eyelash development serum, this natural eyelash serum uses castor oil.


As we discussed above, it’s crucial to ensure the serum or oil is paraben-free when buying any product for your face or eyes.

According to Live Science, Parabens are artificial chemicals employed as preservatives in a range of products, including cosmetics, medications, and food. They serve as safeguards against mold growth and longer shelf lives for products. Methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, isopropyl paraben, and isobutyl paraben are the most prevalent forms of parabens.

Growth Serum 

If you’re also aiming to lengthen your lashes, the last thing to check is whether your conditioner doubles as a growth serum. Most growth serums on the market are only meant to promote growth, whereas the majority of lash conditioners are only meant to moisturize and soften lashes.

To condition the lash and support lash growth, a good eye conditioner contains Castor Oil, sugar cane extract, and other specially derived plant minerals.

Get Long & Flirty Lashes with MD Factor Eyelash Conditioner

Made with nature-inspired ingredients and non-irritating substances, the MD Factor eyelash extension conditioner is suitable for all skin types. It is tested as one of the safest for sensitive eyes and contact wearers. 

The best thing about MD Lash Factor is that it helps reaches the lashes to the fullest, so you get the longest & youngest lashes you always want.

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