Cable tv vs streaming box: which is the cheapest?

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Cable television has been a popular choice for entertainment based viewing for many decades. With almost 60 million subscribers, cable tv was the go-to option for many households. Since we are living in the technology age, we have seen the introduction of high-speed internet and streaming services to provide customers with endless options. Streaming services are internet based and are also available as an all-in-one unit called a streaming box.

When it comes to comparing costs of cable tv and streaming boxes, we need to look at a few factors. Cost of the packages would be one of them. While cable tv packages are customisable, streaming boxes require an internet connection, so customers would need to do research and read broadband package reviews to ensure they are getting the best deal on their internet connection.

What are the costs of cable tv versus the costs of a streaming box? Let’s break them down:
Cable tv:
Cable television requires a television and the installation of the cable service, which comprises a fiber optic cable that is connected to the tv to transmit the signals to the customer’s home. While there are packages available, customers can add channels to their package by paying per channel, which can end up being costly, depending on how many channels are added. Cable tv also offers pay-per-view options which allow customers to “hire” a movie for a certain period. On top of these fees there are the subscription fees that are paid to the cable tv company. Different companies charge different subscription rates, so doing research on which one is better suited to your needs is essential. Cable tv contracts run for a year at a time, with the option to renew at the end of the first year. Adding on a second year often pushes up the monthly payment, so be aware of any hidden costs and taxes which could come as a surprise if you do not know about them.

Streaming box:
As mentioned above, a streaming box requires a stable internet connection to stream movies, series and other content to your television, laptop or even your phone. Technology has advanced so much in the last few years that it is not even necessary to own a television anymore, as we can view all services on other platforms and devices. Costs involved in owning a streaming box are the once-off payment for the actual device, subscription fees to any of the streaming platforms, as well as internet costs. While these costs do add up, subscription services are generally cheaper than cable tv. A streaming box is faster, easier to navigate than cable tv, and also has applications that can be constantly upgraded to improve performance.

Now that you know the costs of cable tv compared to those of a streaming box, read reviews on both on sites such as, which provides real customer feedback on both services, as well as a host of other topics, products and services.