Creating A Powerful Web Design With Storytelling

A Complete Guide to Business Storytelling | CXL

Storytelling is ingrained in every civilization. People remember stories that were told to them when they were young. If told properly, stories will live on in the hearts and minds of people who have heard or read them. Similarly, according to the experts at a top-rated web design agency in Reno, integrating storytelling with web design will play a vital role in brand awareness.

  • The use of images

Imagery is a critical part of any story. Even if the book you are reading does not have any pictures, the author’s use of descriptive words will create an image in your mind. Luckily, you can easily incorporate imagery into your website to help the audience envisage your story. The audience will prefer images over text for the reason that people are more inclined to process visual images easier.

Carefully chosen images will tell a lot about your products or services. Dove’s real beauty campaign showing an image of a group of diverse women is effective in telling a story that real beauty is not dictated by body shape, height, age, race, or skin color.

  • The use of background images

One more approach to incorporate storytelling into the web design is by making use of large background images. You can integrate large visuals into any role of your choosing. You can create a background image by making use of a predominant color to elicit an emotion. There have been researches by various specialists for web design in Reno Nevada that connect color with the trigger of specific emotions.

Your background may be blurred in some areas while drawing attention to a differ area. No matter what role you assign your background image, these visuals are essential for wrapping the whole website in your brand storytelling.

  • The use of effective words

The first stories ever told were with words, so it is still essential to integrate your story into the website by making use of words. However, people who visit websites will not want to read a very long story. Website visitors will often abandon a website if they see that they will be reading a lot. You have to incorporate your use of words carefully.

Every word you make use of in the website design is required to contribute to the story you are making an effort to tell. The homepage of the must use a single sentence that sums up what you do. The background image must also tell the story of the way you work.

In addition, making use of videos on the website design is also an effective approach in telling the story of a brand. Record videos of yourself explaining what your company is about or put testimonial videos regarding your offerings.

Keep in mind that storytelling is part of human history, and a wonderful story has the power to reach people emotionally. Businesses are required to incorporate storytelling into the designs of their website to reach and obtain more customers.

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