Five incredible inventions by Pakistanis you should know about

How these five incredible inventions are presented to the world!

Pakistan has produced incredible inventors despite being a country with significant social problems. Several exceptional inventors have been born in this country and have impacted the world with their creations. Here are five impressive inventions by Pakistanis that you should know about. 

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1. First fertilizer without FDI 

A Pakistani company, Fatima Group, created the first FDI-proof fertilizer, which was an innovative achievement.

The firm found a non-lethal alternative to calcium ammonium nitrate, a key fertilizer ingredient. This is a significant achievement because calcium and ammonium nitrate, when separated from fertilizer, can be used to manufacture explosives.

The United States had traced the route of this substance from Pakistan through border smuggling into Afghanistan, where it was used to make homemade bombs. The Fatima Group’s discovery solved this problem by providing a viable alternative that could not be used in bomb-making.

2. Successful Brain-Silicon Chip Connection

Dr. Naweed Syed is the first scientist to “connect brain cells to a silicon chip.” This Pakistani helped the world achieve a significant milestone. This discovery will significantly help integrate computers with the human brain to assist people with vital signs, control artificial limbs, correct memory loss or vision impairment.

3. The Human Development Index

A Pakistani, Mahbub-ul-Haq, developed the Human Development Index in 1990. 

When it was developed, it transformed the way economists and policymakers viewed the world. HDI considers well-being, education, and expectations for daily comforts to quantify human progress.

4. Ommaya Reservoir

The Ommaya Reservoir is named after Ayub K. Ommaya, a Pakistani neurosurgeon who developed a system to deliver medication into the spinal fluid and helped patients with brain tumors. Before the Ommaya reservoir, treatment for brain tumors was not possible. 

5. Water Generator 

Engineer Rehan Aziz Farooqi designed a novel power generator that runs exclusively on water. But that is not all; the generator makes any engine (whether diesel, gasoline, or gas) run on water. The generator does this by isolating hydrogen and oxygen from the water and converting them into electricity. The creation is genuine. Due to the high volatility of hydrogen, Rehan Aziz must ensure that it is completely safe before making the generator available.

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