iPhone 14 Pro Max charges faster via MagSafe than 13 Pro Max

iPhone 14 Pro Max charges faster via MagSafe than 13 Pro Max

Two months after the iPhone 14 was released, there are a few tidbits we didn’t know about the new iPhones. For example, a test showed the iPhone 14 Pro Max charges faster via MagSafe than its predecessor, the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Here’s what you need to know.

The MagSafe charger was first introduced to the iPhone line a few years ago with the release of the iPhone 12. While technically, the charger itself didn’t change, Apple tweaked the latest iPhones to strengthen the wireless connection.

According to the ChargerLAB YouTube channel, the iPhone 14 Pro Max does charge faster on a MagSafe connector than its predecessor. Although both achieved a 19,22W peak of charging, the latest iPhone took 2h18 minutes to charge to 100%, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max needed 2h26 minutes.

Although it’s only an 8-minute difference, it’s important to note that Apple has changed the internal parts of the newer iPhone to offer better air dissipation, save battery, avoid overheating, and charge (slightly) faster.

In general, iPhone models don’t charge as fast as their Android counterparts. There are manufacturers offering full charge in just a few minutes, while Apple follows a strategy of adaptative charging, where the iPhone learns your habits and charge accordingly – so the battery life can last longer.

The full video is worth watching and offers a comprehensive comparison between the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 Pro Max charging capabilities.

Apart from that, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a new design with a Dynamic Island cutout, the A16 Bionic processor, new camera modules with larger sensors, a selfie camera with autofocus, and a non-physical SIM approach in the United States.

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