Principled Technologies Releases Study Comparing VDI Performance of APEX Private Cloud Solutions with and Without NVIDIA GPUs

Durham, NC, March 01, 2022 –(– Wherever employees connect to their virtual workspace, organizations want to provide a responsive experience that enables productivity rather than hampers it. Principled Technologies (PT) tested virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) performance on two APEX Private Cloud solutions from Dell—one that used CPUs alone and another that added NVDIA T4 GPUs for image processing and video rendering.

According to the report, “…We found that using the NVIDIA GPU-enabled accelerator optimized instances provided a better overall virtual desktop experience while running the NVIDIA nVector Knowledge Worker workload compared to the same solution without GPUs. The NVIDIA GPU-powered APEX solution offered 21.4 milliseconds lower end-user latency and had a higher frame rate than the solution with CPUs alone.”

To learn more about how adding NVIDIA GPUs to an APEX Private Cloud solution can improve VDI performance, read the full report at, the summary at, or the infographic at

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