When You Should Use Wavemaker Rapid Application Development RAD Model

All stakeholders (managers, IT staff, and users) prepare and agree on the program’s needs, scope, and requirements throughout this stage of the project lifecycle. Wavemaker Rapid Application development RAD model is distinct from other models in this regard since it creates wide standards that enable it to continue to be adaptable in the future.

When Can You Use Rapid Application Development Methodology?

1. . When you can Reliably Test Your Prototypes

Rapid application development is an excellent approach to use if you have a group of users who can provide a regular and dependable evaluation of the concepts you create. Reliable input from reliable sources can be very beneficial because prototypes created using the rapid application development method depend on the feedback from earlier iterations.

2. When you’ve Got the Budget

Rapid application development is typically inexpensive when compared to many other development techniques; however, there are several situations when RAD might be expensive. When you acquire talented employees, you must pay them reasonable pay. The benefit is that if you have the employees, you can complete the idea much more quickly than with alternative models.

3. When You Need a Project Done Quickly

Rapid application development is your greatest option if you’re on a limited schedule. Choosing a RAD platform may be the best option if you are under pressure to have something that works. Rapid application development software is your best option if you do not have enough time to go through an extended requirement planning and design phase. In order to develop quickly and alter course quickly, rapid application development utilizes an on-the-fly methodology.

A case study using rapid application development by Centric Consulting

For smaller companies that need software developed rapidly but also want to have major input during the planning process, rapid application development is especially helpful.

A client[3] of Centric Consulting, a software company experienced in quick developing applications and agile development processes, requested software that would communicate with one of their clients, who had over 35,000 employees, for purchasing, invoicing, and payment.

Centric Consulting was able to swiftly determine the client’s requirements utilizing agile and rapid application development approaches, compress the development cycle using Ruby on Rails, and keep costs down using open-source infrastructures.

The customer has the opportunity to offer suggestions regarding the important functionalities at various stages of the development process. As and when required, all of those functions were quickly developed, and eventually, the client received the product.

In the end, Centric Consulting was able to satisfy their client’s wants and expand their business while also satisfying their client’s requests.

Final Verdict:

Due to its flexibility and responsiveness to new inputs, RAD is less risky than a plan-based approach. The project’s most important problems can be easily identified using early prototypes. Because the Wavemaker Rapid Application development RAD model finds out problems early in the life cycle, fixing them during development is indeed cheaper and simpler. RAD projects end quickly.

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